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This has been a staple of our organization.  We hope that it will continue to be.  We are teaching clients how to take responsibility for their past total behaviors and for the change they want.


Family Violence Intervention Program (FVIP)

FVIP Curriculum

Program Description: This program is certified by the Georgia Commission on Family Violence and the Georgia Department of Corrections. A minimum duration of 24 classes are conducted over 27 weeks, exclusive of the intake and program orientation The Duluth model and personal goals are embedded in all the modules.

Components of the program are:

  • Non-violence and Equality in Relationships (Duluth Model Explained): Laying the groundwork for attitude change and fostering healthy relationships
  • Non-threatening Attitude/Behaviors: Acknowledging ownership of violent thoughts/behaviors and seeking/implementing responsible alternatives
  • Coping Skills: Understanding that some things in life are inevitable and/or unchanging
  • Cognitive Distortions/Cognitive Restructuring: Understanding the thought process and feelings leading to violent behaviors
  • Assertiveness Training: Understanding personal rights and the rights of others
  • Effective Communication: Improving interpersonal communication and facilitating change


Parenting Group

This group is based on Choice Theory and we use a curriculum (Peaceful Parenting) developed by Nancy Buck.

Peaceful Parenting Inc. (including the book, the workbook, coaching, or classes) teaches parents the skills necessary to navigate the push-pull relationship between themselves and their children. Parents learn how to create a loving, nurturing environment for children of all ages.  Peaceful Parenting Inc. is different from other parenting programs. It does not rely on external rewards and punishments. Instead, Peaceful Parenting Inc. teaches parents how to understand and interact appropriately with their children following their children's internal genetic instructions.


Choice Theory/Reality Therapy

Choice Theory and Reality Therapy was created by William Glasser, M.D.  Choice theory teaches the how and why of human behavior.  Reality therapy and the WDEP delivery system teaches how we can assist individuals in gaining more effective control of their lives.

Chaperone Training

What is Chaperone Training and Community Education from a sex offender perspective?

Answer: Our program has been designed to assist individuals who are not sexual offenders learn how to be proactive and  help keep our children safe.

Training Goals:

Preventing further victimization,

Assisting offenders in controlling their inappropriate and/or  sexually offending behavior,

Promoting safety of children, and

Provide assistance with community supports.

Training Components:

· Brief assessment of participants depending on extent of involvement with client and to determine level of understanding regarding inappropriate sexual behaviors.

· Definitions of paraphillias, warning signs, power and control, and grooming behaviors.

· Identification of high-risk environments

· Identification of high-risk behaviors

· Appropriate steps to deter victimization

Who Should Participate

ü Primary caregivers of adolescent sexual abusers and children with sexual behavior problems;

ü Foster care providers with children who may have  sexually acted out in the past;

ü Non-offending parents/caregivers who might need to chaperon a sexual abuser for a specific event, i.e. church, wedding, funerals, etc. and

ü Friends, family members, co-workers of a sexual offender who want to assist that person in remaining offense free.

Adolescents who Sexually Offend and Children with Sexual Behavior Problems

There is a critical need in our communities to help children who molest other children.   Our world and theirs have been sexualized in almost every imaginable  way.  Who do we blame?  Blame cannot heal.  Accepting responsibility and working through the issues can make a tremendous difference in the life of a child and his or her family.

Care, sensitivity, and skill in the child’s therapeutic treatment make up the cornerstone to changing inappropriate thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  Additionally, the therapists at SCCT work with parents and caregivers in building safe environments and safety plans to deter sexual aggression.

Children (12 and younger) with sexual behavior problems are a very rare group of people.  However, the SCCT staff is  capable and willing to treat and support this very delicate population.  Using traditional cognitive behavioral techniques as well as play therapy, children and their parents are taught to control these inappropriate behaviors and to replace them with socially acceptable behaviors.

Our therapists and staff educate family members on the client’s treatment goals and  needs.  Family members are also assisted in learning about their own emotional needs and supports.

This program is particularly important for families of children and adolescents who commit sexually inappropriate acts.  Sometimes families are in denial about their child’s sexual behaviors.  This program will shed a light upon issues many times overlooked by parents and caregivers of children who sexually act out.  It is also important for family members to help with transgenerational concerns related to sexual abuse.

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