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It is the goal of The Southern Center for Choice Theory (SCCT)  to provide our customers with the most effective care available.  We invite our customers to Choose a Quality Life! and all that means for them individually.  This organization was formed in October of 2010, but, the members have been in the community providing services for more than 10 years.
Why Choice Theory?  In the Fall of 2007, sixteen individuals were chosen as Glasser Scholars - and I was one of them.  This very small event became a life changing event for me.  Through my participation in the Glasser Scholars program I had an opportunity to learn how to work with myself and others in such a way that was effective and goal focused.  We are studying, practicing, and sharing with everyone we come in to contact with the idea they have more control than they think.
Had Enough?  When you want things to be different in your life, on your job, with your children, in all of your relationships we are the folks to call.  As Reality Therapist, we are directive, firm, fair and friendly.  We will assist you in gaining more effective control over your life!  It does not matter if you are experiencing depression or some other mental health problem...if you are interested in changing and willing to do the work it takes to get there we can help you.
Lead management - our opportunity to teach managers, supervisors, school teachers/administrators, etc. how to use these ideas to ensure they are successful.  If you are a business owner, manager, etc. and ready to see significant results within your organization give us a call.
CTRT is the primary path to change for us here at SCCT, however, it is one of several tools we use.  Others include:  Trama Focused CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Play therapy and Person-Centered therapy.  

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These groups are very similar to the Quality Community groups in that they are not necessarily for people who have a mental health concern.  They are designed to facilitate dialog and healing among individuals who do not have a current mental health problem.  They are groups for those interested in practicing to have healthy minds.

Team Members Gloria Smith Cisse, LPC, LMSW, CTRTC Reality Therapist Jeri Crowell, Ed.D, LPC, NCC, DCC, CTRTC Reality Therapist Andrea Cooke, BSW Development Director Andreas Cooke, BBA VP of Marketing/Operations Manager Zenobia Hodges, BSW - Office Manager Linda Rozier, MSW - Family Violence Intervention Specialist, Sexual Offender Treatment Provider Alton Carson, MS - Family Violence Intervention Specialist, Sexual Offender Treatment Provider Amaris Baraka, PhD, LCSW - Sexual Offender Treatment Provider Soloman Dent, BSW - Case Manager Nomsa Sebeko-Brown, MS, MFT Sexual Offender Treatment Provider Carmen Grimsley-BSW Case Manager

Our programs are designed to be sensitive and responsive to the individual needs of each client.  We offer full clinical assessments to our clients.

Following the completion of a comprehensive evaluation, the clinician discusses treatment options with the client.  This list of options  may include participation in one or more of the various services provided by SCCT.

Treatment Goals Include: Preventing further victimization, controlling sexually offending behavior, developing healthy relationships, and providing assistance with community supports.

Treatment Components:

· Comprehensive evaluation

· individual

· group

· family therapies

· Cognitive Restructuring

· relapse prevention

Adult Sex Offenders

This intensive program is designed on the most recent best practices of the profession. The SCCT leadership team have been members of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers and the Georgia chapter for many years.  They are committed to the ethical guidelines and adhere to the core principles.  Great care is given to the proper execution of treatment to enhance the possibility of long-term relapse prevention. The SCCT program is innovative.  Clients are encouraged to form a relapse prevention team (a network of supporters) to assist in his or her recovery and further reduce recidivism.  Chaperone training is available to close family members and/or friends to assist in day-to-day transactions. Our goal is safety for the community.


Adolescents who Sexually Offend and Children with  Sexual Behavior Problems

There is a critical need in our communities to help children who molest other children.   Our world and theirs have been sexualized in almost every imaginable  way.  Who do we blame?  Blame cannot heal.

Accepting responsibility and working through the issues can make a tremendous difference in the life of a child and his or her family.

Care, sensitivity, and skill in the child’s therapeutic treatment make up the cornerstone to changing inappropriate thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  Additionally, the therapists at SCCT work with parents and caregivers in building safe environments and safety plans to deter sexual aggression.

Children (12 and younger) with sexual behavior problems are a very rare group of people.  However, the SCCT staff is  capable and willing to treat and support this very delicate population.  Using traditional cognitive behavioral techniques as well as play therapy, children and their parents are taught to control these inappropriate behaviors and to replace them with socially acceptable behaviors.

Our therapists and staff educate family members on the client’s treatment goals and  needs.  Family members are also assisted in learning about their own emotional needs and supports.

This program is particularly important for families of children and adolescents who commit sexually inappropriate acts.  Sometimes families are in denial about their child’s sexual behaviors.  This program will shed a light upon issues many times overlooked by parents and caregivers of children who sexually act out.  It is also important for family members to help with transgenerational concerns related to sexual abuse.

SCCT provides services for victims of sexual abuse crimes.  Sensitivity and sensibility are combined with the clinical skills to aid victims to move on with their lives

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